“Therapy with jasmine was an exceptional experience. She was caring and focused on getting me back to my normal self. Thanks to jasmine. I am confident with my progress and happy to go home soon. Thank you.”

– Soccorro

“I really wanted to better myself and get help for me to walk better. This therapy team helped me with my walking. It was very good service. I really appreciate the help.”

– Thomas S.

“My mom suffered a pulmonary embolism From a foot surgery. So it was required for her to be placed in a rehabilitation center short-term. We decided to put her in the Linden Rehabilitation Center because it was an easy travel to get to. This place is perfect ! Everything my mother needed they had! Every last single staff worker was very nice & extremely helpful! Her physical therapist Mr. Ed & OT Renita really worked very well with her. They did not overworked her & the same time they made her stronger each day! They made her workout very fun ! All the nurses, doctors, physicians made my mother feel extremely comfortable! She came in there on a stretcher with an oxygen tank & she just walked out on her own healthier than ever! I highly recommend this place to anyone! The staff was very helpful and the housekeepers keep everything super clean! If I could add more stars, I would! Thank you for making my mother better!”

– Tiffany B.

“I wanted to walk better and increase my strength to take care of myself. I am now walking better. I can take care of myself.”

– Nathaniel H.

“I really wanted to get stronger and mobile. It was very effective and caring.”

– Thomas K.

“I wanted to be able to take control of myself physically. Thank you so much Mr. Ed I will miss you god bless you and the team.”

– Carrie B.

“I really needed to strengthen my body while preparing to receive a prosthetic leg. I wanted to walk coming out of here. My PT and OT team were encouraging while practical. They not only strives to make me a better person physically by talking to me while I was working and more importantly real life situations that I would face upon leaving here. Thanks to the entire department including all those who filled in.”

– Michael F.

“I had the privilege to be entrusted in the amazing care of some wonderful caring, loving and trust worthy therapists. I received the best care. One thing that struck me was their dedication. My therapists were consistent with each activity. They encourage me with a smile and kind words. My stay here was a positive one because each of my therapist was knowledgeable and demonstrated their skills to get me on my feet again. I would recommend this faculty to anyone who is seeking for great rehab.”

– Bobsie G.

“I expected to walk and be independent. Everyone was very good and helpful.”

-Perez S.

“The therapy team was outstanding. The therapists and OT’s were very patient and understanding with me. They went above and beyond the challenge which I thank them for being.”

– Sandra S.

“The entire staff worked cohesively to achieve something I thought was impossible. The service was above my expectation I would like to thank the entire staff and the leadership of the entire professionalism at the facility.”

– Donovan W.

“The rehab team really gave me the right rehab and equipment to enable me to gain use of all of my balance grip writing and becoming stronger everywhere. I really like that they had patience and understanding.”

– Dorisa S.

“The therapy team was great. I like the machines and the staff very friendly.”

– Greta D.

“Team work and consistent rehab services gave me the opportunity to be able to feel better and finally be discharged. I was able to walk without assistance or minimal help.”

– Maurice G.

“I really wanted to recover fast and to walk better. The Allure staff helped me in my walking and in every other part of my healing process.”

– Vira A.

“I came here really wanting to be able to walk again. Very successfully did I accomplish that and I am very pleased with what I revived.”

– Fiona C.

“My goal was to be able to walk again as I did before I became ill and to resume my normal day to day life. When I came to Linden, I was unable to even stand and today I am walking like I did before! The entire therapy staff at Linden Center was excellent in helping me achieve my goals. They were very professional and caring. I would like to give special thanks to Von, Jessie and Geraldine for the help and support through this hard time in my life.”

– Bernard C.

“The Linden Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation provided excellent care to my spouse during his recovery from knee surgery. The Physical Therapist are the best!!!”

– Cynthia S.