Stroke Recovery


The Linden Center Stroke Recovery Program is designed to restore function and allow for high levels of independence for patients recovering from stroke. We utilize the latest research and technology methods to help you recover from physical, visual, cognitive and psychological impairments. We treat the whole person, not just the condition.


Our Stroke Recovery Program is designed to accelerate and enhance rehabilitation, improve quality of life, and prepare you to return to the recreational activities you enjoyed previously.  Patients and their families benefit from the support, advice and close supervision of a skilled team of physicians, nurses, dieticians and rehabilitation professionals. Our program is based on a proven interdisciplinary approach that includes:

  • Comprehensive nursing care from specially trained RNs.
  • Speech therapy to restore critical communication skills such as the ability to understand others, use judgment, reasoning and problem solving. This includes treatment of swallowing, drinking and eating difficulties.
  • Physical therapy to increase strength, improve endurance and restore mobility.
  • Occupational therapy to help  your loved one achieve maximum independence.
  • Therapeutic recreation to provide further rehabilitation through participation in physical and cognitive activities.
  • Dietary and nutritional strategies for healthy eating and food prepared under the guidance of a registered dietician.
  • Social worker who coordinates discharge planning, helping to prepare you and your family and/or caregiver for their transition to home, as well as establish connections to community support groups and organizations that can provide assistance in dealing with the effects of stroke after discharge.